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To the Moon

WA Museum Boola Bardip’s amazing feat of design and content in record time, while working closely with NASA and artists, explores the moon from multiple angles.


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Artificial Intelligence and the visual arts

How will AI affect the visual arts? This article, written entirely by AI, explores its own impact on the arts. 

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In this edition, we feature the extraordinary and wide-ranging exhibition, To the Moon at WA Museum Boola Bardip. Pulled together in record time, To the Moon is far from a dry and dusty museum show, but instead is an exciting mix of art, pop culture, planetary science,  historical insights with fascinating inclusions from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. Manager of WA Museum Boola Bardip Helen Simondson cites working with NASA as key to bringing the show together quickly. 

Annette Peterson covers the tectonic shift in the popular annual Revealed exhibition at Fremantle Arts Centre, now led by a First Nations corporation, the Aboriginal Art Centre Hub of Western Australia, interviewing its CEO, Chad Creighton. 

We cover the upcoming exhibition of works by Elizabeth Blair Barber (1909-2001) at Holmes à Court Gallery, curated by Connie Petrillo, with excerpts and insights from a 1995 interview with the artist by this publication. 

Sam Beard reviews Look, look. Anna Park at the Art Gallery of WA, an impressive body of work from the young US-based artist in her first solo in Australia.

We spoke with Denise Pepper ahead of her exhibition Two Tears In A Bucket at Stala Contemporary, the personally traumatic subject matter of domestic violence affecting her deeply. 

We looked in on Ngarra: the painting contract at Mossenson Galleries, a survey of the remarkable work of the artist who lived a nomadic traditional life before becoming a stockman and drover, and finally an artist who made it his mission to record his culture before it disappeared. 

Lastly, and sadly, we provide obituaries for both Robert Vallis and Cedric Baxter.  

Lyn Di Ciero, Editor       


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