Best Laid Plans II by Shanti Gelmi


Medium: Vintage sewing patterns, nails and cotton thread
Size: Dimensions variable

Best Laid Plans describes the dichotomy between what is sought, the outcome and the journey between. I am the daughter of migrant parents who sought a better life for themselves and their future family in Australia. Moving from one colonised place to another, they easily fit in, sacrificing their culture, names and language to do so. Many rules in our home were not negotiable and finding our own path after such strict training was difficult.

The materials form very personal associations for me because they were abundantly present in my household as a child, but also because of their beautiful tactile qualities. Manual treatment of sewing patterns tethered to burnt, gnarled nails as anchor points of those plans represent the manipulation of dreams and expectation and the delicate balance between honouring wishes versus following your own path made possible because of parental sacrifice.

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