David Giles – Reverence


Reverence seeks to provoke a feeling of reverence, awe and solace. It is about that feeling of reverence, often evoked by the light, by the sunset, by the dawn, by the reflection of light on the water, by images from the Hubble telescope.

For me that sense of reverence, of mystical wonder is something we can all remember as a child. That feeling of pure beauty and awe taking your breath away. As someone concerned for the threats we face, climate change, zoonotic diseases, I see connecting with our feelings as essential to finding solutions.

Only by feeling a sense of reverence for the sheer beauty and complexity of the cosmos and life on our little planet will be able find solutions that are truly sustainable and satisfying to human being. In this sense art for me is fundamentally important. It is no mere decoration. It is the light guiding the path back to the garden.

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