Guundie Kuchling – Alliance


My work offers visual metaphors: the figures represent humans, the enclosing hoop symbolises our world. The wire mesh around the figures is ambiguous: on the negative side, it stands for our entrapment – together, we are entangled in the state of our world and the consequences of our actions; on the positive side, it stands for our ability for mutual support — together, we can get out of our entanglement.

For that, we must look beyond biological and cultural differences — the reason why I made my figures faceless, without gender and without descriptive skin colour. In my sculptural practice, I use ceramics and natural forms like wood and stone. For this piece, I am exploring new materials: paper and wire. Aluminium foil is included to symbolise my hope for a ‘silver lining’ in our situation.

“The problems of all of humanity can only be solved by all of humanity.” Friedrich Dürrenmatt

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