Julie Fearns-Pheasant – On the Sixth Day (Houseplants and Improvement Paraphernalia)


Blissfully ignorant or ignorantly blissful?
Small spaces, no space, shared spaces. Paradise for some. The ultimate penalty for others. The notion of isolation may seem sublime until it’s not a choice…

…and on the sixth day, humans bought many plants and home improvement paraphernalia and the family dog went for a walk. He decided that the world had gone quite mad, as he sauntered up the driveway and back again.  

This is the new normal.

I work within societies stories. The subtext is hidden within our personal narrative and how we deal with broken or imagined storylines, individually or in a global context. Trying to attain a perfect life, acceptance and belonging whatever our circumstance or body realness. Reality; everyday life in its ordinariness.

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