Kylie Warnock – Karak Girl


This female red-tailed cockatoo is constructed using a chicken-wire armature, followed by layers of newspaper and kitchen towel. Her wings and tail have cardboard armatures. As do her beak and leg feathers. She is painted and then decoupage with fabric and coloured paper, her features are added and then she’s varnished.

I enjoy creating animal sculptures from materials that would otherwise be discarded and I love the constructive nature of papier-mâché. There are challenges building a three-dimensional creature starting from an idea, which is then developed via sketches; the search for just the right material for the embellishments, which can take me to op-shos, my own hoard of broken and unwanted items, and giveaway community sites.

I feel excited when an animal takes on a life of its own and leads me in directions different to the one I first decided on. The making of my creatures helps me to look at my surroundings with different eyes, always open to repurposing and ways to problem solve. My sculptures are a combination of nature and art; they are mostly life-sized Australian wildlife, but I also do fantasy pieces.

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