Leanne Bray – Focus


Leanne’s art making story has a very discernible and chronological sequence and her work produced has become a little ‘akin’ to the tactility and process of traditional cloth: the purposeful intent and celebratory aspect in the production of hand stitched, hand woven and hand painted fabrics – have had a profound intrigue. Years of handling ethnic textiles, combined with a grandmother who stitched and a mother who stitched, it’s an inevitable part of her DNA to build with threads (literal and metaphorical).

Pattern has become the narrative for her ongoing story, in neat and sometimes not so neat pieces. Understanding that we are not ‘singular’ but made up of hundreds of parts – with hundreds of stories, experience and emotions. They butt up to one another and bounce off each other, creating emotive response. There is a seductive meditation in the repetition and layering.

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