Stillspring by Michael Iwanoff


Medium: Acrylic, mineral sands, water, copper, ash, grass tree resin on wood and cotton duckc
Size: 1390 x 1370 x 118 mm

Stillspring is inspired by the primordial qualities of our Western Australian landscape. It is a poetic meditation on the worlds within worlds of our elemental connection to being.

A ritual of watering the receptacle on the mantel is offered to the custodian of the painting. This is intended as a tender gesture of gratitude and care, as we contemplate our relationship to the environment, each other and ourselves. The energy transmitted by the copper receptacle, along with the life giving qualities of water, honour the viewer and what we bring to our interaction with the painting. As the water evaporates, it becomes part of the surroundings and us. These metaphors pay homage to the fluid and interconnected reality of everything.

Whispering dimensions and inferred imagery offer a reflective presence to engage our attention, curiosity and imagination.

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