Stratospheric (Self-Portrait) by Roger Dickinson


Medium: Digital print on aluminium
Size: 800 (H) x 800 (W) x 35 (D) mm

Science and engineering have been strong drivers of human development for millennia, yet technologies that have fundamentally changed our lives are so easily taken for granted. My artworks investigate my aesthetic response to well-designed artefacts – tools, phones, cameras, guitars, cars, watches, instruments, etc – that had a seminal impact on my life, nurturing identity and giving me delight, direction, challenges, ambition and independence.

My creative purpose is to highlight the visual appeal of the forms, materials, colours and textures of these ubiquitous devices through techniques such as deconstruction, compilation and blending. Respectful of their origins, I develop my art by using convergent imaging technologies (digital drawing and painting, graphics tablets, computing, photography, scanning) and print them by dye-sublimation on high-gloss aluminium.

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