Through The Lights by Annette Peterson


Medium: Digital 4K Resolution 4.6 sec looped
Size: 45 x 30 cm

Through The Lights is an exploration in painting, everyday life and the digital. I am motivated to document by painting the everyday activity of driving and the things experienced while driving. I aim to capture fleeting and affectual moments, impossible to capture or recall once the destination has been reached. My interest in driving and everyday phenomenon has steered me toward investigating the moving image, especially since the ability of smartphones at hand to record the everyday world.

Through The Lights is a stop-motion film that emulates a ‘live’ option on an Apple iOS smartphone from a passenger’s perspective. The ‘live’ option allows for a short burst of film of 1.5 seconds before and after a picture is taken. Each digital film still was replaced with 70 paintings and then reinserted back into digital format.

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